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TEKNIX PACKAGING specializes in the design, engineering and integration of end-to-end primary and secondary packaging solutions. We deliver increased profitability to our customers through innovative systems, improved productivity and optimized packaging. Teknix Packaging in Honduras most innovative and progressive supplier of world quality packaging solutions. Commencing in 2008 the company has experienced exceptional growth by supplying customers with the best quality and value-for-money equipment and service available.

TEKNIX PACKAGING offers customized food and beverage solutions that are backed by our engineering experts. We partner with you to help optimize every aspect of your food and beverage packaging needs so you can deliver measurable improvements in operational efficiency with consistent food and beverage quality.

Our food and beverage solutions allow our customers to continually produce products by targeting actions that drive the results specific to their application needs. TEKNIX extensive engineering experience in food, beverages, chemicals, industrial, pharmaceuticals, and animal feed applications allow us to provide food and beverage packaging solutions that improve your productivity and profitability.

Whatever the challenge, we’re here and ready to assist you. Our food and beverage packaging solutions can help you drive measurable improvements in the primary, secondary packaging, and end-of-the-line, delivering of safe, high-quality products. If you are looking for services and solutions, contact TEKNIX PACKAGING today.

Processing Equipment

Prepare your product with high quality processing equipment

Packaging Automation

Integrate your product flow between processes.

TurnKey Systems

Our TurnKey systems offer two primary product lines which provide End-to-End autonomous processing and packaging for medium to large Enterprises worldwide.


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